F-35 cann’t attack Russia with B61-12 bomb

F-35 cann't attack Russia with B61-12 bomb
F-35 cann't attack Russia with B61-12 bomb

Although B61-12 bomb is a deadly weapon and have a bility of massive destroy, many experts believe that F-35 stealth fighter cann’t attack Russia with B61-12 bomb because F-35 cann’t advance in Russia near enough to attack

The plan to use the F-35 stealth fighter for tactical nuclear strikes will enable US troops to respond to current threats. Precise weapons such as B61-12 may cause more damage than nuclear warheads

US Air Force spokesman Emily Grabowski said that for this purpose, the upgrading of the B61-12 bomber is in progress. According to the plan, the B61-12 bomb on the F-35A will be tested this year.

The use of F-35 for small-scale nuclear strikes will open up new prospects for the tactical and operational aspects of the armed forces. It is difficult for potential enemies to deal with the F-35’s speed, maneuverability and low altitude.

To carry out the attack, based on his high-speed F-35 stealth fighter – this is an undeniable advantage. Their radar can detect and destroy tactical missiles – the use of mobile launchers or other important targets in free hunting mode.

The B61-12 has a steering wing and an inertial navigation system at the rear that allows them to change the orbit and more accurately target targets that the target cannot handle. .

The situation in the United States is very clear, but according to the country’s highest military magazine, “National Interest” magazine, it is difficult to implement this plan because the Russian S-400 system can find and destroy it. Two F-22/35 fighters when they reached the operational range.

According to reports in the U.S. magazine, the S-400’s greatest advantage is that it can launch a variety of missiles ranging from 40, 120, 250, and 400 kilometers.

The next important feature of one of the anti-aircraft missiles (9M96E2 with a range of 120 km), which the S-400 can launch. The rocket not only flew at 5 km / s, but was also capable of destroying flying targets at 5 meters above ground level – the low-flying power of the F-35. is not true

With its unique capabilities, the Russian S-400 can fully detect and destroy even the most advanced American stealth hunter such as the F-22 Raptor and the F-35. The National Interest thus emphasizes that the S-400 facilitates Russia’s advantage over the US and the West when it comes to owning larger staging jet fighters.

It is not only capable of killing stealth hunters, experts from the National Intelligence also point out that the Boeing E-3 Sentry of the US Air Force can also be threatened by Russian air defense systems.

It is not yet possible to confirm the authenticity of the analysis of American magazines, but it also reveals that although the F-35 stealth hunter can carry the B61-12 atomic bomb, it is not easy for Americans to implement their plans. because Russia owns the world’s leading network of fire-resistant products.


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