Viet Nam train for moving Headquarter

Viet Nam train for moving Headquarter
Viet Nam train for moving Headquarter

On the morning of May 30, Viet Nam 916th aviation team participated in the training of the 126th brigade of the Marine Corps with moving Forward Headquarter task. The mission is very important.

The focus of the training of moving Headquarter is on contingency plans. In accordance with plans already established in the plan, the command and methods for placing troops on ships and at sea are adjusted.

Due to well-equipped personnel, safety measures, aircraft, and flight command operations, the mission accomplishes its tasks and ensures absolute safety.

Before the day’s special training, the 916 Air Corps also coordinated with the 147th Navy Brigade and successfully completed the amphibious training.

The train was held on May 29, with 916 regiments of two Mi-17 helicopters and 150 naval brigades.

During the training process, the two units coordinate the troops up and down, practice the practice of the troops and support the landing of the navy. Joint camp battles with Marine Corps amphibious forces collaborate on targets…

According to reports, in mid-2017, Viet Nam 147th Naval Brigade coordinated with the 125th brigade and brigade’s landing force and artillery to conduct a round of practical hybrid plantations with live ammunition170.

This activity is an important task for the Brigade 147 to upgrade the war islands close to the actual situation. The existing weapons are the same, and they will strengthen coordination with other forces.

Navy units equipped with Panzer 147 tanks are transported on amphibious assault ships. The sea squadron operates at sea in bad weather conditions, accompanied by heavy rain and waves.

However, the Fleet has secretly approached the battle site according to the rehearsal scene and time limit. The armored tank battleship had just approached the coast, attacked and successfully destroyed the enemy locked in the hilly area.


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