Ukraina BMP-1 can transform in mission

Ukraina BMP-1 can transform in missionP-1 can transform in mission
Ukraina BMP-1 can transform in mission

With the help of the Bulgarian Metalika Ab Ltd company, the Ukraina BMP-1 vehicle can change equipment according to each mission

According to the introduction, to get the product is a upgraded version of BMP-1, Ukraine’s defense industry had to cooperate with Bulgaria. The upgraded version of the BMP-1 is equipped with advanced combat modules developed by Ukraina.

Ukraina BMP-1 is former Soviet Union’s BMP-1, it is equipped with a 30 mm automatic grenade launcher, 7.62 mm machine gun and Udar-M piloted missile weapon, designed to destroy enemy weapons. What is specifically about this upgrade is that the BMP-1 can quickly change weapons and equipment to match each mission to the battlefield.

It is known that only the Ukraine announced the upgraded BMP-1, the country also received the first BMP-1AK from Poland. The acquisition of a BMP-1AK infantry combat vehicle (IFV) has been upgraded to improve the ability of Ukrainian land forces.

The BMP-1AK is a special version of the Soviet-developed BMP-1 infantry vehicle for the armed forces of the Soviet Union. In addition, the BMP-1AK is virtually different from the Soviet system. The main difference between the BMP-1AK and the basic version is the equipment.

The BMP-1AK is an amphibious vehicle designed to increase infantry mobility, support firepower and fight alongside the main battle tanks.

The BMP-1 IFV was equipped with semi-automatic 73 mm 2A28 high-power semi-automatic grommets that demonstrated their weight in armed conflict in the Donbass region of Ukraine and the same machines. 7.62 mm.

The BMP-1AK IFV is equipped with optical instruments, microscopes and night vision, modern radio communication systems, and can perform better in all weather conditions as well as at night.

The inner guard is protected against chemical and biological weapons with special fans. The Ukraine Ministry of Defense said that once it had been received, the army would begin to train the most skilled BMP-1AK soldiers.


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