Russia deploys Pantsir-S1 to Crime after Ukraine’s action

Russia deploys Pantsir-S1 to Crime after Ukraine's action
Russia deploys Pantsir-S1 to Crime after Ukraine's action

According to TASS, the Russian Air Force decided to add a Pantsir-S1 interceptor missile battalion to the Crimean peninsula after Ukraine’s actions.

This information was quoted by Major General Viktor Sevostyanov, Commander of the 4th Airborne Division of the Russian Southern Military Region,

“All anti-aircraft missile stations stationed in Crimea are equipped with S-400s, so the deployment of the new Pantsir-S1 battalion is planned”  : said General Viktor Sevostyanov

Before the decision to strengthen Pantsir-S1, Russia has equipped two units with the S-400, the 12th Air Defense racket regiment and the 18th Air Defense racket regiment at Sevastopol. guard the sky Crimea penisula.

He further emphasized that the S-400s were well-off in order to ensure the safety of Russian warships at sea.

The task and plan to add Pantsir-S1 to the Crimean peninsula has been clearly set by Russia, but the move comes after Ukraine has repeatedly made new moves that the Russian team called aggressively. Near the Crimea, many experts say that this is not exactly a development plan developed by Russia.

Ukraine’s last attack, at the beginning of June 1818, Ukraine’s attack on Su-25, unexpectedly included a drone attack on the Azores, which undergoes unpredictable weather.

Photos of unannounced drills for local residents have been recorded and placed on social networks. The Su-25 flown over the water at an altitude of about 10 meters. At this point there is only a break on the beach.

By the time of the attack near the water, the Azores region participated in drills operated by the Mariupol Maritime Self-Defense Force, which were in joint forces. Together with Kiev, the United States also has statements that support the growing presence of Ukraine.

The US government has pledged to seriously consider funding for the Ukrainian border in the Black Sea and Azores. They justify the current Ukrainian military needs to help strengthen the national security situation.

The head of the Ukrainian border forces, Petr Tsigikal, said two existing units were operating in Mariupol and Odessa. This power is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including diving equipment shipped from the United States.

This information immediately drew public attention and the new problem has been raised: Ukraine has introduced more patrol units for what? Do they use special operations like sabotage or anti-Russian invasions?

And before the correct answer is found, Russia’s defense of the Crimea is understandable.



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