Saudi Arabia destroys Houthis missile with surprised weapon

Saudi Arabia destroys Houthis missile with surprised weapon
Saudi Arabia destroys Houthis missile with surprised weapon


Saudi security forces announced on June 5 successfully intercepted the Badr-1 ballistic missiles launched by Houthi with unexpected weapons.

The Houthi attack fired from northern Yemen. The target was in Saudi Arabia. According to information released by Houthi, a Badr-1 ballistic missile was launched in Saudi Aramco’s oil field in the south of the country.

However, the missile was intercepted by Riyadh’s aircraft fire when they were not far from the target. Shortly thereafter, another rocket, Zelzal-2, was launched by Houthi. The second attack struck a target that killed tens of Saudi Arab soldiers.

Only one of the two missiles was successfully intercepted, but it is also a remarkable achievement for the Riyadh air defense. The power of this force has made far the majority of Saudi Arabians feel. security.

According to information released by Arab News, the missile missile interceptor is not a PAC-3 system, but it was a MIM-23 Hawk Air Defense from the United States. production.

The MIM-23 hook is armed with a 5.08m M8-23 missile, a thickness of 0.37m, a heavyweight fork of 54kg and a weight of 584kg.

The missile can destroy targets at distances of 2 to 25 km, maximum height 11 000 m, cross speed Mach 2.4. MIM-23 self-powered semi-active radar – modern technology at the moment.

The basic principle when a target is attacked will broadcast the ground radar system of the complex to the target. The reflective waves of the target back will be captured by the rocket radar. Then the signals are commanded to control the missile and lead it to the target.

Initially, the MIM-23 Hawk was designed to destroy the aircraft. After several upgrades, however, the anti-aircraft combination could intercept crossroads, unmanned airplanes and short ballistic missiles.



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