Turkey decided to buy Russian S-400

Turkey decided to buy Russian S-400
Turkey decided to buy Russian S-400

The purchase of Russian S-400 Triumf can cost a lot of Turkey, but there are indications that Ankara is currently the best option for him.

Republican senator Thom Hill said the EuroSam European rocket maker decided to sell and manufacture the SAMP-T supersonic air defense system in Turkey. The S-400’s business agreement is unclear by Ankara.

The MP said that if the transaction was chosen by Turkey, it was a wise decision because they knew what would be lost if they continued to pursue anti-aircraft defense programs. through the Russian S-400 system.

Thom Hill said Turkey undermined bilateral ties with the United States; As a result, parliament will have to review its advanced technology contracts, of which the F-35A will only be considered.

In the past, the Ankara government promised to buy 116 F-35A fighters under the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program.

It is a multinational program in the US aimed at developing a fifth generation stealth warrior, but experts are a plan that allies contributed to the US. Develop technology and sell it at excessive prices.

The senator noted that Ankara’s close geopolitical cooperation with Moscow and the decision to order an advanced Russian S-400 missile defense system could hamper the plans of the Turkish government. United States fifth generation fighter aircraft, the F-35A.

Congressman Lankford warns that these factors make the transfer of F-35 technology more sensitive and that the ability to provide advanced technology to the Turkish government is “increasingly dangerous” because it could fall into enemy states with enemy states.

If this plan were to be blocked, that would mean that Ankara would not be allowed to buy, and not any technology at the latest American striker.

This will be the biggest loss for Turkey as it is also aspiring to increase the country’s aviation industry and to seek technological assistance to develop cars. TFX 5 system.

TFX is a fifth generation stealth fighter developed by Turkey Aerospace Industries (TAI), with the support of technology from Swedish airline manufacturer Saab AB. and BAE Systems of England.

However, the project progressed very slowly, as the peers produced only 4th generation fighter planes. The defense industry therefore had a great need for technology support from the USA – and technology that led to the production of fifth generation fighter. If the US refuses to buy a F-35A plan, it will be a huge loss of Turkey.

After the country was persuaded to abandon the S-400 Triomp to abandon its failed PAC-3, parliamentarians demanded blockade from the package of 116 Turkish F-35A fighters, the last government. Washington, Mr. Forcing Erdogan to choose between US S-400 and US F-35A.

This action is no longer a decision to stop a weapon procurement package, which has become a “political ultimatum”. If Turkey decide to buy the S-400 Triump, it will have to leave the F-35A, which means it’s no longer an Alliance of the United States and NATO.

As a consequence, the senator said it was possible that the S-400 agreement between Moscow and Ankara was quiet.

Although Turkey is tough on its demands, it does not make much sense to buy Russian weapons.


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