Viet Nam buying Buk-M2 will increase anti-aircraft power

Viet Nam buying Buk-M2 will increase anti-aircraft power
Viet Nam buying Buk-M2 will increase anti-aircraft power

Although Buk-M2 is still the mid-range air defense system for those who want to shop and Russia has been replaced by a more modern, if Viet Nam buy it, it can increase Viet Nam anti-aircraft power

According to the Russian media, although we were on the payroll of two S-300PMU1 long-distance mobile combat missile battalions. However, two S-300 battalions were not enough to ensure the integrity of Vietnam’s airspace.

In order to protect the forces that protect the security of the Vietnam Air Force, maneuverability plays a very important role. Previously, the Russian team introduced the S-125 Pechora 2M (SA-3) upgrade package that was relatively well fitted to the MZKT-8022 trucking team. However, it is a temporary solution that does not completely overcome the weaknesses and limitations of the SA-3 medium-range air defense missile system.

Although the SA-3 has relatively good aircraft capabilities, the system is not yet effective to intercept crossroads and ballistic missiles. Meanwhile, these are the first weapons used to beat the prey. The successful destruction of the enemy’s pre-emptive attack protects both the fighting and the enemy’s deterioration, and creates good psychologist for the next battle. The Iraqi and Libyan battlefields have shown that if a prospective crusade attack can not be resisted, virtually all fighting forces are paralyzed. The fact is that these countries do not have modern medium-sized air defense systems. For the medium-air air defense in Vietnam, the most effective solution is to purchase modern mid-air defense systems.

The only air-conditioning system in the world that can meet the battlefields of the Vietnam battlefield is the Buk-M2 Air Defense missile system. The Buk-M2 system is designed to destroy any air targets in the range of fights like fixed wing aircraft, crossroads, ballistic missiles, helicopters, UAVs, anti-radar missiles. .).

Buk-M2 is also able to attack ground targets, frigates that work close to the coast. The highlight of Buk-M2 is the implementation time and the recovery of extremely fast fighting teams. It takes only 5 minutes to move from operational status to combat readiness. In the fight against modern weapons, the “faster one win” criterion is always placed on top, which is the power of Buk-M2. A four-gun fire radar is available on the chassis, making Buk-M2 different from other systems.

Targeted radar and fire control radar is equipped with phase active phase active phase antenna, microprocessor and digital control computer, which gives the Buk-M2 a very high performance. . Specifically, the probability of destroying the F-15 fighter is 90-95%, surface attack crossroads 70-80%, ballistic missiles 60-70%, helicopters, UAV 70-80%.

The Buk-M2 offers an airspace of 50 km, 25 km high. The presence of Buk-M2 will bridge most of the weaknesses of medium-range air defense. On the other hand, this system is fully compatible with existing command and control infrastructure without investing in additional systems.

Buk-M2 was alternating with the previous version, the SA-3 protected the battle and created a multi-purpose screen to destroy all targets. Each standard Buk-M2 battalion has included: a command vehicle, a search engine and a target father, six launchers including fire launchers with 24 launchers,



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