Ukrainian Air Force receives refurbished reconnaissance plane

Ukrainian Air Force receives refurbished reconnaissance plane
Ukrainian Air Force receives refurbished reconnaissance plane

Ukraine’s state-owned Ukroboronprom, Mykolaiv Aircraft Repairs, transferred NARP’s Su-24MR reconnaissance plane to the Ukrainian Air Force before planning.

Plant experts, after repairing all the nodes and components, performed medium repair of the aircraft. After that Su-24MR reconnaissance plane successfully tested with the participation of Ukrainian Air Force representatives and was accepted by the Ukrainian Air Force.

Su-24MR has made a flight to its base and has already strengthened defense capabilities of Ukraine’s armed forces

Su-24MR is a supersonic intelligence jet that conducts deep exploration at a distance of 400 km from the front line. For this purpose, sensitive high-definition cameras are equipped with side-care radar, including surface-level deprivations, including enemy fortifications and equipment, using sensitive high resolution cameras, radio detection systems and infrared sensors to detect camouflaged objects.

In addition, SE’s Mykolayiv Aircraft Repair Plant ( MARP) cooperates with other UOP companies, currently working on modernization of Water 24MR, including new aircraft, communications and surveillance equipment

A few days ago at an international conference, NATO officials took part in a prospective Su-24MR exploration plan for Ukrainian air service to foreign partners. power

SE “Odesa Plane Plant” has developed two types of modernization aircraft:

– Increasing surface exploration;
– Ensure compatibility with navigation, communications, landing equipment with ICAO / NATO requirements;
– Improving the quality of the objective control of board systems;
– Quick adoption of intelligence information.

General Director General Vitaly Yuxachev said, “If we pass all the approvals and the machine will benefit our military officials, we can load the load with this product.” “The complete replacement of all tactical intelligence equipment with new, more complicated electronics involves the general restoration of the aircraft, It’s a serious, challenging and experienced job, and we have experts who can do it. “

Dedicated tactical intelligence option. T-6MR-26, April 13, 1983 The first flight as Su-24MR. The service took place in 1983 and can carry 02 R-60 (AA-8 Aphid) air-to-air missiles for self-defense. Su-24MR keeps the Su-24M navigation system surrounded by a terrorist radar, but the Orion-A attack radar, laser / television system and weapon, two panoramic camera installations, Aist-M Stork TV cameras, RDS-BO “Shtik” Bayonet) airborne radars (SLAR) and “Zima” (“Winter”) infrared intelligence systems. Other sensors are held with pods



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