FREMM Alpino – Italian future frigate

FREMM Alpino - Italian future frigate
FREMM Alpino - Italian future frigate

FREMM Alpino is the Italian future frigate with the main role is anti-submarine,  anti ship, air defense, … and Italia hope can make it like AEGIS version of the FREMM

The Fincantieri warship building is a competitor for the new generation frigate of the United States Navy, the FFG (X), and the Alpine is on this side of the Atlantic and give a look at what can the body

The Alpino is one of the 10 VMM that is destined to form a significant part of the Italian navy fleet – four ASW versions like Alpine and six general FREMM objectives replacing the variable sound array matrix with a solid body inflatable boat.

The news of defense spent three days on board Alpine. Everything you need to know about FREMM.

Propulsion: A diesel and gasstelselstelsel 4 diesel generators that energize two electric motors that convert the tweeskagte of up to 15 knots combined. Over 15 knots, there is a single LM2500 gas turbine for the combination of gears. Two generators are needed to run the screws or only the LM2500. All the main components can be expelled without cutting a hole in the ship.

The ship also has an auxiliary power unit that has 360 degresseer, has a maximum set-set speed of KTS, and can be used to make some useful maneuvers. In the Norfolk band, the Alpine moved away from the dock without tugboats, which is a breeze with the APU.

Power capacity: four diesel generators of 2.1 megawatts

Crew size: 167, but can last up to 200.

Mission: the main mission is anti-submarine warfare. Characteristics of the defense of the war against war, electronic warfare, the fight against superficial warfare and the insertion of special operations.

Design: the ship is widely included with many angles to reduce the cross section of the radar.

Weapons: two Oto-Breda 76mm pistols; Vertical release of 16 cells; Two three-tube torpedo carriers placed both the port and the starboard; two Oto-Breda 25 mm machine guns; two NH-90 helicopters.

Sensors: the primary sensors are the variable depth sound of Thales, known as the CAPTAS-4, a towed sonar and a collision sonar. The VDS deployed a controlled pneumatic door and ramp system that FREMM Alpino generally uses with a RHIB of 13 meters for special forces of operation.

The ship is also equipped with a search radar, surface search radar, an electronic warfare system and a commercial radar. Helo is connected to FLIR, a surface radar, a dip sonar, and Link 11.

Charges: MU90 Torpede’s; Aster air-to-air missiles; Teseo’s land surface missile; Milas anti-ship missiles and anti-submarine missiles and missiles Mart helo.

An inflatable boat of a 11 meter hurricane that makes 50 knots through the water is used for the insertion of special operations and for the marine liberation for residences of nonconformity.

Operations: The ship’s information center is the same size as a DDG, perhaps a bit larger. Each console has three monitors and can be used in any subdivision. All missiles can be fired except the Milas anti-ship / anti-submarine missile system, shot from an independent control console, just like the Harpoon. The consoles and the designs are very similar to the AEGIS 9 base equipment.


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