Russian future nuclear Husky submarine

Russian future nuclear Husky submarine
Russian future nuclear Husky submarine

The near-generation nuclear Husky submarines of Russia, allegedly known as the Husky class, will be armed with hypertonic missiles, with the main ship launched in 2027. According to an unknown Russian defense minister, he was quoted by the TASS news agency as Thursday.

“Zircon-Hipersonic anti-ship missiles will be the main weapon of the last multiple submarine,” the source said. It refers to a hypertonic missile project based in Russia, intended to replace common Granit P-700 anti-missile missiles in Russia. Heavier battles of warships.

Few people know about Husky class submarines. They are called the fifth generation of multiple submarines in the Russian press and are designed by the Malakhit design office in St. Petersburg, but there is still no final version of the ship’s design. According to the TASS, the Husky class will be a typical-or rather typical design of the sub-twin screw-with a displacement of 12,000 tons.

This places Husky submarine in a weight class similar to the former Akula submarines built by the Soviets that Husky intends to replace, and the multifunctional Yasen nuclear submarines that are currently built in Russia. Yasen began as a delayed Soviet design delayed by the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent decade of economic turbulence in Russia.

The addition of pipes for hypersonic missiles aboard Husky class submarines would be, if not surprising. In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrated an affinity for hypersonic weapons as a way of counteracting the defense of current and future US missiles. It seems that Russia, with its ability in rocket design, follows hypersonic technology as an arrangement.

Naval recovery has been an important focus of the Russian military armor during the last decade, with a strong emphasis on rejuvenating the aging of the nuclear submarine fleet. These efforts have focused so far on the completion of the construction of the submarines of Borei ballistic missiles and multiple submarines of the Yasen class.

Four submarines of Borei class submarine were completed, with four more on the way.

Two Yasen class ships were also introduced and five others were under construction. The construction of the motherboard in the Husky class, according to TASS, is expected to begin in Severodvinsk in 2023 and will be completed by the end of 2027. Probably this is an optimistic goal.


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