Tu-22M3M with Kh-32 missile can destroy US carrier from afar

Tu-22M3M with Kh-32 missile can destroy US carrier from afar
Tu-22M3M with Kh-32 missile can destroy US carrier from afar

Russian Tu-22M3M Backfire-C with supersonic Kh-32 missisles can completely destroy the American carrier cluster, with a Mach 5 speed of more than 1,000 kilometers.

“How can the upgraded carriers of the Tu-22M3 threaten the US Navy? Russian military experts have deciphered the danger surrounding Backfire-C’s threat to the US wars, in the word , the” death. “

Tu-22 M3, a long-range supersonic bomber equipped with the US Air Force and the Soviet Navy in 1989 (NATO classification: Backfire-C). It has a radius of 2,500 km from the base with a maximum load of 24 tons, an ultrasound speed of 2,300 km / h.

Tu-22M3 Backfire-C participated in the “Peace Campaign for Georgia” war in Afghanistan, the North Caucasus and in August 2008.

Together with Georgia, the Tu-22MR (not the Tu-22M3 bomber version) was fired by the defenders in the “Five Days War”, and today Georgia’s 1M is under Ukrainian control.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union attacked enemy carriers by using the instructions of an armed 80 Tu-22M3 bomber, who destroyed the X-22 Raduga. With this “saturation” attack, the carrier of the opponent does not have the chance to survive. Thanks to this thought, the Tu-22M3 is the nickname of “assassin aircraft carrier”.

In 2017, Russia’s Air Force has announced 63 TU-22M3 and Tu-22M electron intelligence, Kazan Aircraft Cleaning Director Boris Naishuller said. These planes will be upgraded to the new version in 2018.

Tu-22M3 missiles will be increased many times after modern generation, providing the next generation of digital bombers and electronic systems, as well as a very high-precision long-term anti-fighter missile.

In addition to body renewal to extend the repair period, the Tu-22M3M is equipped with a new NK-32-02 engine that offers more energy and fuel economy, similar to the type of luggage. Tu-160M2 increases the majority of fighter jets.

In Tu-22M3M, electronic systems will be exchanged for the most modifications to the Tu-160M2 type aircraft, navigation and fire extinguishing systems. Su-24M2 and Su-25SM3 airplanes will be equipped with a tested and calibrated SVP-24-22 engagement system; New NV-45 aerial radar system …

The main objective of the Tu-22M3 modernization is to build the latest X-32 high-precision anti-ship missile equipment (operating since 2016).

Each Tu-22M3M will carry three Kh-32 missiles, one in the abdomen and two wings. The Kh-32 missile is equipped with a self-defense device for electronic interference that does not allow the use of any electronic warfare device.

The Kh-32 can fly at a speed of more than 1,000 miles (at a speed of up to the supersonic level) at a distance of 40 kilometers and reaching the goal faster than reaching the target to complete the attack. . According to the mission, missiles can be equipped with conventional or nuclear caps.

“Since the Kh-32 missiles are more than 1000 km, the estimated radius of the US Navy fighters is approximately 400 km, 600 km,” said Russian expert Konstantin Sivkov.

The Kh-32 missile is speedily operated, which does not allow the US anti-missile defense systems to slip. That’s why deployment of Tu-22M3M aircraft is the most serious threat to the US carrier fleet.

In addition to China’s DF-21D anti-fighter ballistic missiles, replace the Kh-32 and Kh-47M2 Kinjal, the “major carrier navy” principle and the entire concept, with the release of two types of anti-ship missiles.



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