Turkey will receive first F-35 Lightning II on June

Turkey will receive first F-35 Lightning II on June
Turkey will receive first F-35 Lightning II on June

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported that Turkey expects the first F-35 Lightning II reaction aircraft on June 21, despite a US legislative project that ends the arms sales as a result of breaking the relationship between the two countries.

“Lockheed Martin would like to see you on our side during the delivery of the F-35 Republic of Turkey on June 21 in Fort Worth,” said the official letter of arrival of Lockheed Martin, chief engineer of the plane.

According to the newspaper, the delivery of the first Turkish F-35 Lightning II aircraft will take place on June 21. The first Turkish F-35A will be in service after November 2019 after completing a pilot program. The other planes will start at regular intervals.

It must be remembered that the first F-35A Lightning II for the Turkish Air Force made its stomach flight on May 10. The F-35 manufacturer manufactured by Lockheed Martin had tail number 18-0001 and was flown by Commander Wilson.

Under Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), Turkey pledged to get 116 airplanes. Turkey ordered its first Lockheed Martin F-35 combat aircraft in 2014 under its first low-speed initial production program.

The acquisition and the military officials of Turkey are expecting to build a new generation of dual-aircraft fleets according to their 20th century, 2023, which consists of the F-35 and an inner plane known as TFX, designed by Ankara.

Before that, the newspaper Yeni Safak said that Turkey could fight against Su-57 Russia to avoid the location of the F-35 in the United States as Washington preventing the delivery of these aircraft, under the system of sanctions of the former air defense S-400 from Turkey.

According to a source from the Ministry of Defense of Turkey, this information was published based on analysts’ comments and “do not represent Ankara’s official views.”

But Russian military analyst Igor Korotchenko said that this scenario was “very realistic” and excluded the possibility that this would happen. “A few years ago nobody could think, the S-400 air defense systems could be sold in Ankara, but a real deal like this one,” he said.

But military analysts believe that information about the possible su-57 in Turkey is only a signal for Washington at that time.

“During this time it just seems to be a signal.” A message from the media Turkey. Take a chance (Russian buyer), Turkey is because Americans know that threats will not be tolerated, “said the analyst and director of the Center for International Trade in Arms Analysis.


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