Houthi destroyed Saudi Arabia ship with Chinese C-801 anti-ship missile

Houthi destroyed Saudi Arabia ship with Chinese C-801 anti-ship missile
Houthi destroyed Saudi Arabia ship with Chinese C-801 anti-ship missile

Houthi anncouced they had destroyed Saudi Arabia warship outside the sea at the western of al-Hudaydah and the weapon is maybe Chinese C-801 anti-ship missile

The source said the road 13/6, Houthi declared forces used anti-ship missiles hit warships on the coast of Saudi Arabia in the city of Al Hudaydah west.

Although it was not confirmed by Saudi Arabia, the Houthis said that this ship had a full field of anti-missile missiles, fire and smoke were rising and certain casualties were taking place.

Throughout Southfront getting weapons to carry out this attack, C-801 anti-ship missile was manufactured by China. This is the missile line that was in the previous contract between Yemen and China. However, the number of Houthi’s existing missions is unknown.

If this information is well-known, it also means that the main line of the missile was repeatedly making the UAE and Saudi Arabia warships have a bitter taste. The victim is named as the most valuable is the high-speed train UAE Swift HSV-2 – American-made vessels.

C-801 missile is used to equip ships, submarines, missile units and aircraft kisses. Firefighter carries weapons piercing Warhead weighs 165kg with timers, a range of about 120km, missile speed of Mach 0.9.

The С-801 has a regular aerodynamic design with a short triangular wing, engine air inlet located at the bottom of the missile body. The missile is self-powered single-action radar accompaniment radios that function in the 10-20 GHz band.

The probability of destroying a target, even if there is a strong opponent, reaches 75%. Because the C-801 has a small effective scattering surface, low altitude and noise suppression, it is very difficult to intercept missiles. The height of the cruise phase is 20-30 m, in the final stage of the missile to 5-7 m.

Coast variant uses a truck chassis, a launcher carrying three containers with rectangular cross-section on an elevated platform. Every company is staffed with four chargers, one radar and a safe car. It is possible that the Houthi militia used this variant to destroy the UAE.

Although theoretically only the countries of China, Algeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand have such missiles, but do not understand how outside Houthi, currently Hezbollah, and caused much damage to Israel.


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