Russian Su-57 with new technologies

Russian Su-57 with new technologies
Russian Su-57 with new technologies

Telf, CEO of the Zvezda Research and Production Technology Group Sergei Pozdnyakov, said the new technologies was designed for Su-57 stealth fighter ready for the first test flight.

“Our body is a one-pack suit, on the hands, legs and most of the body.” The soil test has shown that we have met the requirements of tolerance. The flightability is planned to be tested after we decide to do. “

The first prototype underwent centrifugal tests with the test participant. In the combat aircraft’s aerobatics, the anti-gravity will prevent the brain from draining to the stomach and legs.

By the time the pilot is ready and ready for use, the pilot’s suit will be equipped with a stealthy cabin that will be the world’s most unique technology today.

At present, engineers from the Russian defense group Rostec have developed a material that can help hijackers on the fighter to double the radar absorption capacity.

“The fighter’s cab-lid is the most exposed part because of its poor radar absorption,” said Rostec.

Sergei Abramov, director of the Rostec Arms Industry Group, said that :

“This new material will significantly reduce the signal from the engine. Fly to the enemy radar.”

The special compound material really is better. In addition to raising the radar absorption from 40 to 80%, it also reduced the weight by half and increased the impact resistance of the cabin cover. Together with the disclosure of material that absorbs cabin radar radar, Russia also reveals a special material that is not plasma technology that makes the Su-57 stealth fighter invisible to the enemy. “Su-57’s design uses carbon-based composite materials that significantly reduce radar detection,” said Dmitri Drozdenko, a journalist of Russia’s weapons arena. Composite or composite materials made of high strength plastic help new Russian aircraft such as Su-57 fighter, Ka-52 attack helicopters and Ka-62 helicopters make it difficult for the enemy to track. door radar.

The use of carbon-based composites instead of duralumine, titanium and other metals in the Su-57 fighter’s body frame made them more fuss than the F-22 Raptor. American F-35.


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