Ukrainian motar kills its men

Ukrainian motar kills its men
Ukrainian motar kills its men

In a military drill on July 6, three soldiers were murdered and nine others were wounded by weapons. An official statement from Ukraine’s defense department said the crash occurred in a July 6 drill which killed three soldiers and injured nine others in different grades.

The rally organized in Rivne and exploded weapons was identified as the M120-15 mortar, which studied and developed. The dead soldiers of the Special Forces Battalion 15 of the 128th Infantry Brigade. Although the cause of the accident was not clear, President Petr Poroshenko, after the incident, banned the use of M120-15 mortars in military exercises and drills.

While the cause of the accident was investigated by authorities, the Ukrainian Military Portal complained to a commander of a mortar unit that six M120-15 Molot appeared on 21 June many technical mistakes than the parts in the fuss mechanism of the mortar nailed into recent exercises.

In addition, due to metal quality, this $ 19,500 metal mortar quickly stirred, while the outside paint easily separates under heavy sun. It is not the first time that domestic military contractors handed poor military equipment to the Ukrainian army.

And before the M120-15 accident on 6 July, a Ukrainian army camp on the Yavoriy trial farm was completely destroyed after a heavy rain caused by unarmed military tents. withstand rain

In addition, the new Azovets tank is described as a modern vehicle suitable for urban warfare but has been postponed indefinitely after the government has discovered that the CCTV system. The vehicle’s environment is taken from civilian security equipment, or is internally equipped and of course, is not sufficiently capable of fighting.


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