Russian Tu-214R and Porubshik-2 can make US AWACS paralysed

Russian Tu-214R and Porubshik-2 can make US AWACS paralysed
Russian Tu-214R and Porubshik-2 can make US AWACS paralysed

Russian Tu-214R and Russian Porubshik-2 with electronic system can suppress US anti-aircraft system, electronic system and have ability to make US AWACS paralysed

According to RIA Novosti, in the near future, the Porubshik-2 will be the flagship aircraft of the Russian Air Force. The new Porubshik-2 machines can suppress the electronic system of any target (land, air, sea and space).

It is known that the preliminary design has been completed, the draft of the test will be launched shortly. However, no information is available on the plane chosen as the basis for the development of the Porubshik-2. RIA Novosti’s private sources say it could be Il-22PP ‘Porubshchik’ (roughly ‘Lumberjack’) .

The Il-22PP features frequency selectivity, meaning that it will not jam friendly radio electronic systems. Its carrier, a modernized, four-engine Il-22, has a range of up to 6,500 km at altitudes of 8,800 meters and a speed of up to 685 km/h.

In front of Porubshik-2 officially put in equipment, the air force had three Ilyushin II-22PP Porubschik first was failure devices received upgrades received capable of switching system electronic devices on board fly from the enemy. These aircraft passed the national test in September 2016.

Russian Air Force revealed, the aircraft Il-22PP is equipped with an onboard aircraft electronic systems specifically designed to deal with the AWACS modern system, the air defense system on the (as MIM-104 Patriot American, unplanned / unmanned airplanes.

In addition to malfunction, Il-22PP is more capable of electronic intelligence operations to execute and protect our troops before the aircraft’s electronic warfare equipment for their attacks.

Porubshik-2 replaces the Il-20M electronic exploration plane and works in parallel with the newly developed Russian Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft. The capabilities of the Tu-214R include: electronic intelligence, signal intelligence and communication intelligence.

The aerial on the aircraft is able to block signals from any device, from aircraft, fighters to mobile phones, and can set up electronic combat command (EOB). Tu-214R has undergone a national test this year.

According to Western media, no matter how many NATO AWACS aircraft, Russia has all the tools it needs to neutralize the alliance’s snooping


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