Israel is to finish supersonic Rampage missile

Israel is to finish supersonic Rampage missile
Israel is to finish supersonic Rampage missile

The Israeli Military Industrial Systems (IMI Systems), in coperation with the Israeli Aviation Industry Industry (IAI), are in the process of completing the development of a air-launched, precision-guided, high-speed called Rampage missile 

According to the experiments, the Rampage missile can hit the target of a distance of 160km. The launch of new missiles in the context of Israel and Iran is a tense conflict along the Syrian border that Israel claims that Israeli security forces sent by Iranian experts influence. Military and military involvement in Syria and support for the Syrian government in the fight against rebel forces and IS terrorists.

Two Israeli arms companies announced information on the Rampage missile for the first time on 11 June 2018 and previous drills were carried out with the help of the Israeli Air Force. (IAF) and they hope the missile will start mass production from 2019

The director of IMI is Mr. Eli Reiter:

“The tests were conducted with four F-16I aircraft, each with four Rampage missiles, which went well in conditions we did not see before.”

The Rampage missile has been transformed from a ground-based rocket to increase its range – the Extended Range Artillery-led artillery rocket – called the EXTRA. It is also believed that the Rampage missile did not change much of the grounded version and also used the GPS-assisted navigation navigation system (INS) to lead the missile to the target.

Initially, the air version of the EXTRA rocket MARS was called and it was developed in 2012. The purpose of the project was to enable missiles to launch missiles. The MK 83 bomb weighs 450 kg. The MARS missile then carries a 105 kilogram detonator and in 2018 the new missile is called Rampage



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