Russia is to receive new tank hunter Kornet-D1

Russia is to receive new tank hunter Kornet-D1
Russia is to receive new tank hunter Kornet-D1

Military expert Andrey Tarasenko has revealed that Russia began to equip Kornet-D1 tank hunter with the ability to destroy the most advanced tanks even America’s M1 Abrams tank

Kornet-D1 anti-tank combat vehicles were designed by the Design Bureau Bureau (KBP) since 2013. This design includes Cornet long-range anti-tank missiles mounted on the BMD-4M airborne combat vehicle usually used by parachute soldiers. The BMD-4M Combat Vehicle of the Airborne can have the speed at 70 km/h and Operational range at 510km

At first, it is expected that in 2019 the Russian Airborne Troops to receive first Kornet-D1 tank hunter to increase their ability to combat modern tanks on the battlefield but it is reported that the Russian army has begun to equip these road vehicles in 2018. The Kornet D1 combat vehicles with up to 10 km of series of missiles are able to destroy even the most advanced tanks equipped with active explosive and passive explosive weapons, combat vehicles, and the ability to have a thickness of 1 100-1 300 mm

The Kornet-D1 an-tank missile is able to launch missile in pairs and can divide a series of missiles with a few seconds. Two missiles can hold and destroy two different targets, or both destroy the same target to make sure that the single target is destroyed. The first missile destroys or suppress the target securities, the defense of the target and the second missile will destroy the target

Kornet-D1 tank hunter can use day and night combat and can be deployed in all weather conditions. Kornet-D1 is a laser-beam-riding system with a ‘fire-and-forget’ (*according to a press release of the KBP Instrument Design Bureau) capability that can penetrate explosive reactive armour of the best tank on the world

As soon as Russia started using the Kornet-D1, NATO troops were concerned about the danger of their tank units.


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