Thailand builds Chalawan class mini submarine

Thailand builds Chalawan class mini submarine
Thailand builds Chalawan class mini submarine

The Royal Thai Navy recently announced that it will design its first Chalawan class submarine designed by the military government of Thailand to reclaim military leadership in the region.

In the past, the Gulf of Thailand, according to the Thai Navy, was a dry land, and the fleet of neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia was not strong, so they did not invest in submarines.

In April last year, Prime Minister Prayut’s cabinet endorsed the navy’s purchase of a Yuan Class S26T submarine from China at a cost of 13.5 billion baht, part of the planned procurement of three of the submarines at a total cost of 36 billion baht. It is unclear how long the three submarines will be handed over to Thailand Navy

Although according to initial assessment, the submarine S26T has more advantages than the submarines of the countries of Southeast Asia, but it seems that the Navy Thailand does not want to depend on overseas needs to plan. Production of submarines for their own

17 July, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-OCHA approved projects with a total investment of 200 million Bath for a class of submarines called Chalawan class submarine . Chalawan class submarine is a mini kind submarine and gave captain Sattaya Chantharaprapa – deputy director, Line Officers School, Naval Education Department of the Royal Thai Navy Academy – head of the mini-submarine research project. Design time is about 4 years, trial run time is about 2 years. Capt. Sattaya said 25 officers, engineers, … were sent to England to study education. The project was officially launched in October 2017.

The design model is Chalawan submarine, with water in the range of 150-300 tons, crew of 10 people and has a range of 300 seemyl. The first delivery time is in 2024. If this project is successful, Thailand will become the first Nation in South East Asia can build submarine by himeself


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