Israel Merkava Mark IVM is the best tank on the world : Army Recognition magazine

Israel Merkava Mark IVM is the best tank on the world : Army Recognition magazine
Israel Merkava Mark IVM is the best tank on the world : Army Recognition magazine

Army Recognition magazine states that Israeli Merkava Mark IVM tanks are the most powerful tank in the world today, not the T-14 Armata of Russia as usually think.

The Merkava Mark IVM is the new version of the Merkava Mk4, the fourth generation of the most modern Israeli leader. Merkava was developed and put into service in the late 1970s. The Merkava Mark IVM Body Armor covers can be anti-artillery, anti-tank missiles, mines, … and are designed in modular design to easily replace damaged parts.

While most of the other tanks have rear-mounted engines, the Merkava Mark IVM has a front engine and a rear door, which helps the driver to partially recover from a bullet. Shoot and escape easily from the back door

During the Lebanon war in 2006, Israel gave more Merkava Mk 2 tanks and Merkava Mk 3 tanks to Lebanon. Lebanon’s Hamaz militants used anti-tank weapons and damaged more than 50 Israeli tanks. Many of them were fired by RPG-7 anti-tank missiles, Kornet anti-tank missiles.

After the battle, Israel started upgrading and launching the Merkava Mark IVM tank with the active Trophy system and in the short conflict on March 1, 2011, the trophy defense system was successful. At the interruption of the Hamas’s anti-tank missiles and effective protection of the Merkava tanks

Merkava Mark IVM tanks are also very powerful, with a 120mm smooth cannon that is capable of firing anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, and more. Head gun also uses automatic charging mechanism to increase the speed of fire. On near-near weapons, the tank was also equipped with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, a 7.62mm gun, a 60mm mortar and 12 smoke guns.

Despite the heavy heavyweight of 65 tons, the magnitude of 9.04 m, 3.72 mm horizontal and 2.66 mm high, the Mk 4 tanker is equipped with a 1,500 Diesel engine for acceleration late. It is 65km / h and the series is 500k

According to the magazine Army Recognition, Israeli tanks actually fought and played better in the battle. Apart from the T-72 tanks of Russia, only the T-90s were involved in the war in Syria, and the T-14 Armata tanks were just in numbers, It’s too small and it’s not realistic on the battlefield, so the Army Recognition magazine came to the conclusion that the new Merkava Mark IVM tank is the best tank on the world.


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