China Navy accquire 15 new warships in 7 months

China Navy accquire 15 new warships in 7 months
China Navy accquire 15 new warships in 7 months

The military experts focused its attention on China Navy – PLAN newly added 2 Type 55 DDG warships on July 13 and forgot that PLAN armed with 15 more warships in just seven months

2018 is actually the year of the boom of the China Navy with the deployment of up to 15 warships including three Type 55 DDGs. The Type 55 DDG is currently the largest and most modern surface-mounted warship in China, and this year alone, China has added three more, including the first equipped in June 2017 showed the amazing speed in China’s shipbuilding industry. When the first aircraft was completed in June 2017, military experts felt dizzy when China was able to develop it too quickly. The full-scale mock-up of Type-55 DDG destroyers were found at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai and the ship was completed and launched in June 2017, meaning that it was only in about three years.

The second vessel was discovered also in 2017 and was completed in May 2018 and in July continue to launch two more at the same time. Two of the same type 5 and 6 are also under construction and are being completed at various stages

Many experts initially predicted that China was planning to equip a total of six Type 55 DDG destroyers. But after China launched its first aircraft in 2017, experts changed and expected the Chinese China will be equipped with 8 and by 2018, they will continue to change and assume that the number of Type 55 ships will reach 12 by 2025 when the type 002 carriers in China come into use.

At present, Chinese carriers have been launched as well as being equipped with CATOBAR take-off system, as well as information and pictures showing that China is also building a ship. The airport uses EMALS – Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System

While Chinese carriers use the system, the Type 55 DDG destroyers will also be used in similar roles to the US Ticonderoga Tigers, meaning that they will act as flagships in carrier groups. attack – CSG (arrier strike group). The powerful Type 55 DDG will also be utilized as a command ship or heavy AAW and ASW platform in PLAN naval task forces or while supporting amphibious ready groups (ARG). The Type 055’s significant weapons payload, multifaceted offensive and defensive capabilities, and great range and endurance will aid Chinese efforts to protect and expand its maritime territories, protect its shipping lanes, and maintain its naval lines of communication.


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