Upgraded Stryker vehicle can destroy Russian Armata tank

Upgraded Stryker vehicle can destroy Russian Armata tank
Upgraded Stryker vehicle can destroy Russian Armata tank

US Army have upgraded their IAV (Interim Armored Vehicle) Stryker – Stryker combat vehicle after the old version is armed with a weak weapon compared to modern warfare and the new Stryker vehicle are capable of destroying the T-90 tanks. and even Russia’s Armata tanks

Stryker vehicle is a family of eight-wheel-drive combat vehicles, transportable in a C-130 aircraft, built for the US Army by General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada (formerly General Motors Defense) and the General Dynamics Land Systems Division, USA.

In the earlier versions of the Stryker, The ICV Stryker has a protector remote weapon station, from Kongsberg Protech of Norway, with a universal soft mount cradle, which can mount either a 0.50-caliber M2 machine gun, MK19 40mm grenade launcher or MK240 7.62mm machine gun. It is also armed with four M6 smoke grenade launchers. These weapons were too weak and did not afford modern warfare, especially in city war. The Stryker was easily destroyed even before the old tanks usually armed with 75mm or bigger cannons

After upgrading, the Stryker combat vehicle will be equipped with a 30mm main gun and especially armed with Javelin anti-tank missiles. US military evaluation, Javelin missile  is capable to destroy all enemy tanks such as Russian T-90 tanks, Chinese Type-96 tank, Type-99 tank or even Russian Armata tanks

According to Troy Meissel, a military analyst, due to the characteristics of Javelin anti-tank missiles designed to attack from above on armored vehicles, tanks (where the grave of any rising line ). With this method, despite extremely good protection, it is difficult to increase the T-90A and Armata have the opportunity to escape.

However, the Russian tank attack was certainly difficult because it was designed with a strong defense system, which is the level of protection of the upper and turret front of the second type of warhead, the ability of the car increased to combat the radar-guided missile system and the upper hemisphere control of the Afganit active protection system.

The creation of proactive protection systems is likely to neutralize or destroy guided missiles before it touches the tank, significantly reducing the effectiveness of the anti-tank missile system. And in particular, according to military experts, with only 30mm cannon and thin armor, the Stryker infantry vehicle is uncapable to penetrate or have enough strong firepower to suppress the enemy infantry so that it can approached in range of launching Javelin missiles to destroy the Russian tanks


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