Ukraina delivered final batch of T-84 Oplot tank to Thailand

Ukraina delivered final batch of T-84 Oplot tank to Thailand
Ukraina delivered final batch of T-84 Oplot tank to Thailand

Thailand Army anncounced that six of the final batch of 49 Ukrainian T-84 Oplot tanks were delivered to Royal Thai Army on July 29 

The Bangkok Post said the delivery of the six T-84 Oplot tanks was the final delivery and will be handed over to the 2th infantry division based in Prachin Buri. The inspection of the tanks would begin in September. Likewise, Lieutenant General Kukiat Srinaka, 1st Corps commander, had checked the T-84 Oplot tank in April 2018

In 2011, the Thai military ordered 49 T-84 Oplot tanks from Ukraine to replace the old American M-41 tanks purchased in 1957. The total contract value was US $ 240 million. Under the contract, deliveries will begin in early 2014 and be completed by mid-2015. However, the Ukrainian coup and subsequent Crime incident followed with the civil war in the Donbass region, can not properly implement the contract and the Ukrainian side repeatedly asked for extension. To date, the Ukrainian deliveries in several batches that each can only hand over a number of units.

Discouraged by the delay, in 2017, Royal Thai Army signed a contract to buy 28 Chinese VT-4 tanks and they were immediately handed over by China with alot of offer about training, technologies support,…  Thailand royal military was very pleased with China side and attemped to cancel order for the remaining T-84

On March 27th, Ukrainian state-owned defense holding Ukroboronprom announced that the presence of Thai Military officers arrived in Ukraina to test the remaining tanks succesfully. The final batch will be dilivered soon and the contract for the supply of the T-84 battle tanks has successfully ended

T-84 Oplot tank was upgraded from Russian T-80 tanks and started to be used in the Ukrainian army since 1999. It is one of the fastest tanks in the world, the main weapon being a cannon. 125mm KBA-3. Automatic T-64 tank-loading mechanism. But while T-72 and T-80 tanks were loaded horizontally, T-84 tanks loaded vertically.

However, according to Thailand, the T-84 Oplot tank has a lot of errors, which, the main problem is that the battery life is too short and the electricity is too fast, which usually requires charging. Steel case is too poor quality and very easy to break.

Russian expert Vladislav Shurigin explained that the T-84 tank having technical characteristics did not match those of the actually produced tanks. According to him “the armor on the Oplot has proven to be of much poorer quality [than the design characteristics indicate]. The vehicles are not robust, and face constant breakdowns.” He also further commented that “the tactical and technical characteristics of the tanks do not coincide with the declared characteristics, because Ukraine faces a deficit in the special mechanisms used for guidance systems. Kiev simply does not have them, and is not capable of producing them today. Accordingly, [guidance] parameters are downscaled, and precise guidance to the target becomes almost impossible.” According to him the tanks amounted to little more than “useless crabs.”


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