Ukraina supplies many miltary technologies to China

Ukraina supplies many miltary technologies to China
Ukraina supplies many miltary technologies to China

In recent year, because of economics crisis, Ukraina have to sell many miltary technologies to China and weapon experts, weapon engineers, workers … go to China for working more and more

Recently, the United States has voiced opposition to the maker of the Motor Sich Group, which sells engines for civilian jets as well as engines for military aircraft. Previously Motor Sich was a corporation specializing in providing engines for aircraft manufacturers and helicopters from Russia. However, after the Maidan revolution, overthrowing President Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych to move to Europe and conduct a series of Russian campaigns, the Motor Sich Group as well as a number of other manufacturers lost the market. The key is Russia.

Aviation experts were stunned in recent weeks to learn that Skyrizon, a little-known Chinese company, had become majority shareholder in Ukraine’s Motor Sich, one of the world’s top makers of engines for military cargo aircraft and helicopters, with an exalted lineage dating back to Soviet days

The economic situation is increasingly stagnant. At this time, China wisely became acquainted with Ukraine and from there acquired a number of important military technologies. The purchase of the Varyag aircraft carrier of Ukraine and the complete support of the carrier technology of the CV-16 Liaoning (Type 001) was completed by Kiev and completed and launched the Type 001A domestic carrier. The or the development of the J-15 fighter (on the T-10K prototype – Su-33 version of Ukraine). Ukrainian engineers also help China build the latest generation of intercontinental ballistic missiles, which have a broader range and are capable of carrying multiple warheads such as DF-31A missiles, DF-41 missiles or Launch cruise missiles from the H-6 bombers, destroyers CJ-10 / DH-10

Ruslan Pukhov, head of the Moscow-based Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies said that :

“In recent years there has been technology transfer on a massive scale, with hundreds of Ukrainian specialists going to China for working”

Ukraine also built two ships and transferred technology to China to build its Bizon air-cushioned landing craft  (Pjoject 1232.2, NATO called “Pomornik”) by the Soviet Union.

In addition, Ukraine has assisted China in the manufacture of jet engine engines such as the WS-10 Thai Hang Aircraft engines, WS-13 Thai Son and WS-15 Nga My to gradually reduce dependence on engine imported from Russia

Ukraine’s arms companies are getting more and more difficult, so Ukraine has to sell weapons technology to China and at the same time have to lay off many employees, and China has rapidly taken on the force of gray matter. This is the reason why China’s defense has made such rapid progress in the past


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